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Family Law




Family Law

Mansfield Melancon’s family lawyers represent individuals in all stages of family and domestic litigation.  We understand that these issues may be the most personal and difficult times in a client’s life.  An individual’s interests and the interests of their children may be at stake. 

Mansfield Melancon’s family law attorneys routinely handle divorce proceedings, premarital agreements or “prenups”, paternity issues, custody and child support matters, alimony and spousal support, protective orders, restraining orders, and community property partitions.  Mansfield Melancon’s family law attorneys are experienced litigators in family courts and are capable of assisting with all aspects of your case. 

Mansfield Melancon’s family law attorneys handle family and divorce related matters with the personalized attention our clients need and deserve.  Our family law attorneys are experienced in all aspects of divorce, including disputes over custody of minor children, spousal support, and complex property divisions.  Our family law attorneys are well-trained with a focus on in-court litigation but always explore and employ alternative resolutions and methods to resolve family issues in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Mansfield Melancon’s family lawyers always strive to get the best outcome possible for our clients fighting for their rights when facing litigation in family court.  Mansfield Melancon’s family lawyers have represented clients in family courts throughout Louisiana.  We will guide you through the substantive and procedural rules applicable to family court as your trusted advocates and counselors.