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What to do if You are Involved in a Boating Accident in Louisiana

Louisiana law permits boat accident victims to pursue a claim for monetary damages following injury. Boating accidents are scary. In the moment it is difficult to know what to do or even how to respond. It is important to remember the steps to take after a boating accident to help save any lives, minimize injuries, and protect your legal rights.

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Boating Accidents in Sportsman’s Paradise

Louisiana’s connection to water is etched in its geographical landscape. The mighty Mississippi River, Red River, Toledo Bend, and Lake Pontchartrain are just a few examples of the major bodies of water in the state. Louisiana boasts one of the longest state coastlines in the U.S., sharing its southernmost border with the Gulf of Mexico. The unique landscape and diverse natural environment is attractive to recreational boaters who dot the waterways in their various water crafts.

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